Thursday, July 30, 2009

What Were They Thinking?

What were they thinking...
when they decided to sell
guns and alcohol
in the same store?
If that isn't stupid enough,
you can even buy them through
a drive up window!
I'll have a six pack and
a 38 Special to go, please...
wait, make that a magnum
and a magnum!

I thought maybe this was
just a Texas problem...
but, no!
There are idiots everywhere!

Drinking and carrying a gun
isn't enough of a problem?
Wow, let's add some stairs
just for the fun of it!

Oh, the combination of
guns and alcohol
didn't kill you?
Heck, let's add in
some tobacco!
And let's make it
an American duty!

Are you a little drunk?
Having trouble focusing
your eyes to read the small signs?
Hey, let us enlarge it for you!
Don't forget bullets...
what good is a gun
without bullets?

Oh, thank goodness...
they didn't exclude us wine lovers!

Been out shooting and drinking
a little too late?
Just stop by here and pick
up dinner and a gift
for the spouse!

Need to sober up?
Just stop by this place...
get your caffeine and handgun
before you go home...
a shot and a shot!

What were they thinking?


trash talk said...

Nothing like the three B's to get you going in the morning...booze, bologna and bazookas! Ain't like grand? Puts a whole different twist on tequila shooters! Make mine a double...barrel that is with a twist please!

Sue said...

Being a Calif girl, sorry everyone, but I have big problems with guns and hunting, those signs and stores are totally unbelievable to me. But before you gun loving hunters give up on me, I DO enjoy my liquor! Wish we had drive throughs out here for THAT!!!

The Texas Woman said...

My favorite combination - guns and alcohol! And hammers. And knives. And poisons. And big dogs. And...

Robin said...

Oh yeah!
One stop shopping.....

Hope your day has been beautiful

Kim said...

Cool....I want to live where they have stores like that!

Woman in a Window said...

OHmygod, I'm laughing my ass off! Thanks for this.