Sunday, July 26, 2009

Get Out The Corkscrew!

Since Lurch's heart surgery,
we drink less of the good old stuff...
bourbon and the other nectars of the gods....
and have converted to wine.

I have always been a lover of red wine...
especially the cabernet sauvignons.
But in the Texas heat,
I want a cold drink.

I recently took a shopping trip to Spec's
in search of a white wine
that I could chill and love!
After explaining to Spec's wine expert
that I dislike a sweet wine or a tart wine,
he suggested several bottles for me to try.
None filled the bill....
until I tried this one!
Yep, it's my new
summer drink of choice!

Here is a review
of this wine.
Thanks Wine Taster!

Tasca d’Almerita makes two very reliable everyday “table” wines from its Regaleali property, one white, one red. This is the white — Bianco — and the 2004 vintage is still fresh and enjoyable.

In an attempt to clear up some confusion: Tasca d’Almerita is the name of the winemaking family that owns the Regaleali estate. Generally speaking, wines made by “the Count” — Count Tasca d’Almerita that is — are referred to as “Regaleali”. Whether you call it Regaleali or Tasca d’Almerita, the wine is the same — and it’s usually very good. The Regaleali Bianco is made from three grapes indigenous to Sicily — Inzolia, Catarrato, and Grecanico — but you won’t see these grapes anywhere else so it’s not necessarily important to commit them to memory.

Regaleali Bianco teases the nose with subtle aromas of pear, straw, and lemon, but the wine really comes alive in the mouth. Fresh, clean, ripe white fruits are tasted immediately, specifically pear, white peach, and a citrusy component that resembles lemon. The fruit remains strong and seems to increase in concentration as it lays on the palate, and stays ripe and apparent through a surprisingly long and balanced finish. This wine’s ample, chalky acidity and hint of mineral make it a wonderful wine to match with a wide variety of foods, especially dishes based on chicken, fish, and pork — I’d also recommend it with Asian cuisine and vegetarian dishes. At around around a dozen dollars, this wine gives you a lot of bang for the buck. A good value.

I'm sipping on a glass right now...



Lou Cinda said...

This sounds really fab! I like wine, but like you, I had to fnd one I "liked". Some just tasted like vinegar to me! I found a white one Shirroco that I LOVE! It's about $20 a bottle, so I found a cheap close second which is Barefoot Muscada (spelled wrong I am sure) that I also love. And I can get it at good ole' Wal-Mart!

Cheers back at cha'

Lou Cinda

PS I am so glad that Lurch is continuing to improve!

Sue said...

I kind of heard through the "grape vine" (get it, grapevine) that you may be sipping something that is a bit stronger while floating in the pool! And, by the way, what's up with the moonlight blog and "weinies", and the chickie blog with "cork screws"?????

trash talk said...

Sure beats the heck out of the Mogan David I got chilling! What's a that a fancy schmancy cocktail?

Ann said...

just getting back to blogging and visiting today...KARMA !!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to save the name of this..we have the same taste in wine!! How are things going for you?Thank you for caring about me..a slow but somewhat steady road to "better" for me.