Thursday, July 23, 2009

CONTEST...Is There A Doctor In The House?

Rules of the Game:

You may number your 25 answers and list
them all on the comment form...

You may copy my post to your blog
and write the name of the town under
each picture.
If you use this answer method,
write a comment to me when you
are finished.

The first person to get all the correct
answers is the WINNER!
If no one gets all the answers correct,
the winner will be based on the highest
number of correct answers.
Comment times will be used in
judging, so be sure you post a comment!

There is no winner until
The Chick officially
announces a winner...
so don't give up!

What Is This Contest

For the last couple of weeks,
I have been surrounded
by doctors...
so this contest
tests your memory
on famous doctors!

Each photo represents a doctor...
they are NOT all medical doctors...
but they use the title Dr. in their names!

No, you do not have to use first names...
just Dr.________.
Here are two examples:

I don't want the actor's name...Eric Dane.
I don't want his nickname...Dr. McSteamy.
I want his Doctor Name...Dr. Sloan.

The answer to this sample question:
Not the actor name...Neil Patrick Harris.
I want the Dr. Name...Dr. Howser!

Got it?

Name these doctors!


Anonymous said...

1. Dr Kildare
2. Dr Ross
3. Dr Bailey (chief in training)
4. Dr Frankenstein
5. Dr Huxtable OB/GYN
6. Dr Evil
7. Dr Dorian
8. Dr John
9. Dr Bennett
10. Dr Caldwell
11. Dr House
12. Dr Zhivago
13. Dr Carter
14. Dr Quinn
15. Dr Strange Love
16. Dr Ben Casey
17. Dr Izzy Stevens
18. Dr. Drake
19. Dr Trapper
20. Dr Oz
21. Dr Welby
22. Dr Watson (My dear)
23. Dr "Hawkeye" Pierce
24. Dr Shepherd
25. Dr Fiscus

Rusty P. Shackleford
2116 94th Street
Lubbock, TX 79423

trash talk said...

Teacher, I have a good excuse for being late and if you'll give me just a minute, I'll think of it.
I know I am too late to win, but I'm gonna post my answers just for the L of it!
Dr. Kildaire
Dr. Ross (sigh!)
Dr. Bailey
Young Dr. Frankenstein (not to be confused with old Dr. Frankenstein)
Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable
Dr. Evil
Dr. Dorian
Dr. John ( You're my medicine man!)
Dr. Bennett
Dr. Caldwell(I do hope someone got him a razor for that back...eeeww!)
Dr. House
Dr. Zhivago(double sigh!)
Dr. Carter (although I don't know if they ever called him doctor...seems like it was always just Carter!)
Dr. Quinn (you're my medicine woman)
Dr. Strangelove
Dr. Ben Casey
Dr. Stevens
Dr. Drake (young Dr. Drake jr not as cute)
Dr. "Trapper" John McIntire
Dr. Oprah's posse...I mean Dr. Mehmet Oz
Dr. Marcus Welby, M.D.
Dr. Dr. Watson
Dr. Benjamin Franklin Pierce AKA Hawkeye Pierce
Dr. Shepherd
Dr. Fiscus
Thank you teachur for letting me play
Ur frend,

The Renaissance Chick said...

Trash Talk:

You are such an honor student! Always going the extra step...the best answers...if you could just get your watch set to the correct time! :)

You will always be my favorite student!