Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Baby Bella Bash!

Are you coming to
the shower?
Better hurry...
we are already here!

This is the party of the year...
honoring our sweet Bella...
daughter of Jenn of Preemie Donna
and granddaughter of
Debbie of Talking Trash!
Isn't she precious in pink?
She's all dressed up for the shower!
Hope you are wearing pink!

This is my outfit for the shower.
I was hesitant to wear it since
Trash Talk has one just like it...
we got a 2 for 1 deal!

I didn't want to overdress though
so I wore my favorite,
most stylish shoes!

I drove some of the girls
to the shower in my car!
We put the top down and
started honking when we
got close to Debbie's house!

Debbie had sweet talked
Cat Daddy into painting
the house for Bella's shower!

Debbie was on the front porch
waiting on us to get there!
Doesn't she look pretty?
She is still watching out the
front window for your arrival!

Debbie has Bella's
baby book by the front door...
don't forget to sign it!

Jenn showed us the pretty
chandelier that Cat Daddy
had planned on installing in
Bella's room...
until Debbie got involved!

Jenn had us all put on
a pair of these sunglasses
and then took us to Bella's room
to see the chandelier Debbie
picked out!

Wow! Good job, Debbie!
Bella, you are off to a good start!

After the heat from that
chandelier, Jenn thought
it was time for a drink!
We had cosmopolitans!

Then after a "couple" of
cosmopolitans, Jenn brought
out this fantastic cake!
I have icing where?

My goodness, that cake made
us a little thirsty...
so Debbie mixed a few
pink mojitos...
a few dozen, that is!

Then the shower got loud
and giggly and we all gave Jenn
our best Mother advice.
This was the advice I gave Jenn.
I don't know what got into me!

All that laughing and talking...
well, we were just parched
and dipped into that
fruity, boozy punch!
Well, they don't call me
a double dipper for nothin'!
Then we were laughing so hard...

We had to run out here!
I don't know why Debbie
didn't trust us in the house!
When we came in from the
pink port-a-potties...
I call them canopies...
get it? Can 'o pee?
Anyway, when we came inside,
Debbie made us wash our hands
with these little soaps she has
made during all her spare time!
Is it hot in here or is it just me?

Oh, yes, yes, yes!
Pink champagne cocktails
would cool us right off!
Debbie, don't drink right out
of the bottle!
What is wrong with you?
Were you raised in a barn?
Oh, really?

No, Debbie!
These gifts are not for you!
Get your grubby little paws off of...
Oh, my, did I just say that?
I don't know what got
into me, Debbie...
you little trash talking...
Oh, there I go again!
If I didn't know better,
I would swear there was
alcohol in those drinks!
Here, Jenn!
Presents for Bella!
Open them! Open them! Open them!
What, Debbie?
Oh, maybe just a little more...
well, don't stop there...
fill it all the way to the rim!
Open them! Open them! Open them!

Oh, look, Bella got a beautiful
little tiara!
Jenn, could you get that
off of your mother's head?
Who in the world had the
good taste to bring Bella these
marveeeeeeeeeeelous little shoes?
Why, look...they are like the ones
I have on!
I don't have shoes on anymore?
Oh, look...

Bella got a motorcyle rocker!
Get off, Debbie! Get off!

Could a motorcyle princess
go without a pink
mohawk hat?
I think not!
Sweet Bella got a pink
princess phone so she
can call on her aunties
when Mommy Jenn says "no"!

Now, I don't mean to be
rude...but why in the world
would anybody give Bella this
pink saddle?

Oh, evidently to go
on this gift...
a pink horse!
Bella, you rock, girlfriend!

Then somebody (Sue)
had to give Jenn this silly gift!
Oh, yes, champagne cocktails were
being snorted out of nostril all
over the room...
and the laughter began again...
and here we go again...

Thank goodness, Debbie
ordered two can o' pees
because so many people
were there!

looked might nice!

Sue came all the way
from California!
She looks good...
for a vegan, hippie, liberal
California girl!

cleans up real well!
Who knew they wore clothes
like that in Minnesota?

Amy even brought her dog,
Tanner, with her to the shower!
Bella will love to play with Tanner
when she comes home!

I've been looking for Cher,
The Texas Woman, but haven't
seen her at the shower.
She is probably busy posting
pics of her ta-tas!

You know who else is
missing from this shower?
Laurie and Lulu
from the 2Chippys!
Oh, there they are...
good to see you girls!

Bella, Madisyn sends her
love to you!
She can't wait for you
to get home so you two girls
can go shopping
and flirt with boys!
Yes, Jenn! Flirt with boys!

Bella, Tango sends his love to you.
He can't wait to meet you!
He heard you are quite the looker!
Watch out, Jenn!

Aunt Malisa loves you,
Baby Bella!
Hope you enjoyed your shower
as much as we did!


common ground said...

I laughed so hard I had to use the "can-o-pees"! Great post!

ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

Now that's a party! Good to see that Tanner and I clean up so well! How many drinks have I had now? No matter! I'm not driving! :) Great post, Aunt Malisa!!


trash talk said...

I want some of those sunglasses!


This was a GREAT post, so funny and creative, loved viewing it, looks like a fantastic party.
Very coooool :)

Jodie LeJeune said...

You ROCK girl!!!!
This had to be the BEST party I have ever attended! I partied so hard, all I saw was PINK! Thanks for letting me come and celebrate Bella...
Do I have to leave????
everything vintage

Her Art Nest said...

What a hilarious party! You are so funny! ~Nan