Thursday, December 31, 2009

You Are Invited To My New Year's Eve Party!

The Renaissance Chick 
is having a New Year's Eve Party 
and you are invited!

Ready for a stiff one?

Here is where we
are having the party!
I know you know your way!

Might I suggest
a limousine for tonight?
I know you will want to impress!

We are waiting on you!

Everyone is here already!

There will be dancing...

and drinking...

and more dancing...

and more drinking...

and even some hanging
from the chandeliers!

Uncle Bob will be there
with his spoiled ass dog!

There will probably be
 some embarrassing moments...

which will make us
drink some more...

and dance some more!

Aunt Hazel will have her
annual fit about Uncle Bob
and his dog...
which will lead to a 
potty hugging conclusion!

There is gonna be some
kissing at midnight...

and I can guarantee that
someone will need help
getting home!

Just try to keep
your clothes on
and my tablecloth off!

And please stay off of
the stripper pole!
You aren't a spring
chicken anymore...

By the end of the night,
I am sure we will all
need  some back ups!

And what a mess there will be
when all of you finally leave!

But nobody goes anywhere
until we see the fireworks!

Thanks for being at my party
this year...
and I SO look forward to
the 365 party days
of 2010!


Vodka Mom said...

Happy New Year my friend.


I hope this year brings you much joy and happiness.

Sue said...

I'm trying really hard to find a flight out, would love to party like a rock star with you girl!

Happy New Year, Sue

Her Art Nest said...

Your posts always make me smile. I wish I could have been there rockin' the night away! Happy New Year! Hugs, Nancy

peggy gatto said...

what fun I had!!!