Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Madisyn Says Thanks!

Madisyn and I
want to thank you
for your prayers!

Look how well
those prayers worked!

Madisyn's Mom took
this photo as soon as
she came out of
the anesthetic.
Mom reported that
Madi didn't cry at all!
We are all so proud
of Madisyn...
and so proud of
our blogging family
who were keeping
us in your prayers...
yet again!
Ya'll are the BEST!


trash talk said...

You sure she didn't have a little nip/tuck...cause she looks more beautiful than ever! I hope she gets to come before tomorrow night! Take care on the roads and girl...slow're gonna run into a reindeer and sleigh the way you're flying!
I'm glad the surgery went her antlers!

Sue said...

As you know, I think little Madi is just beautiful and such a good soul. After all she lives with Tango, and now Cash! Glad she is doing so well, and at least all the tonsil issues are behind her! Merry Christmas!!