Thursday, January 14, 2010

What The Buck?

Do you watch 
"What The Buck?"
on You Tube?

He ALWAYS makes
me laugh!

Sometimes, it takes 
a few minutes for
the video to load...
but it is so worth it!

Not for the easily offended...



Vodka Mom said...

Who actually LET HER ON STAGE????

Sue said...

"What the buck", didn't you misp-spell that, especially when the drunkass Mariah's face is right THERE? Not a Mariah fan, but have to give her props for her role in "Precious". She kind of looked like she does on the Drunkass video, which I love.
Take care, Sue

Sue said...

How can anyone misspell, "mis-spell". Actually, I have no idea how to spell, mis-spell, except I know it is incorrect above!

Monica said...

BUCK! When does the guy breeeathe!?