Monday, January 11, 2010

Time To Call It Quits...Drunkest Guy Ever!

Oh, my!
I needed a good laugh!


Sue said...

Poor guy, right! That was good, but what was even funnier were the people watching him. You know they are thinking, "wtf"?? That is exactly the kind of drunks that come out of the bar across the street from Country Roads. Yesterday Yesi & I were watching this drunk chick trying to get down her drunk guys zipper as she leaned on the wall outside. Her balance was about the same as the guy in this video! Sadly, sometimes "enough IS enough"!

Teresa said...

OMG!! I have never seen anyone that drunk in my life. Wow!

The Renaissance Chick said...

Teresa: Wait til Sue and I get off that Midnight Train in Georgia! We might be acting like this poor guy! Can you imagine the woman who had to put up with his ass when he got home? :(