Wednesday, January 6, 2010

No, I Have Not Said All That Needs To Be Said!

Yes, I am still on 
my rant!

I want Mike Leach back...

and I want Texas Tech
administrators'  alleged
"investigation" to be investigated!
See the banner above?
A plane was flying this banner
last week outside the
Alamo Dome!

I think this sign
says it very well...

and this bumper sticker...

or this bumper sticker!

If you want to support
Captain Leach...

and make the Tech
walk the gang plank...

Go to Facebook
and join Team Leach.
We have over 56,000 members!
You don't have to be a Tech alum...
just a Mike Leach fan...
or a voice for fair play!


Sue said...

The rant continues! I love those with big Texas hearts. Keep it up girl!

Take care, Sue

trash talk said...

You're scaring me Teachur...remind me to never get you riled up at me!