Saturday, January 2, 2010


The Good Ship
Raider Nation
is ready for 

We Red Raider mateys
want Captain Leach back!

You may have kept him
out of the Alamo Bowl tonight,
but a MUTINY is on its way!

I am calling you out,
Texas Tech administrators...
Kent Hance
Gerald Myers!

Ready for you scoundrels to walk the gang plank...
along with a couple of spoiled sissy boys!

You will find out where ye faithful are!

We expect your loyalty!
We don't put up with traitors!

Put up the good fight
tonight Red Raiders...
because faithful alums
intend to put up a  good
fight for Captain Leach!


Sue said...

You go girl! Hope your beloved team wins! I love your Texas pride, seriously. Out here in Southern CA no one really gives a shit about pride.

Take care, Sue

Lauri Evans said...

Hey Malisa, I just had to rush on over here when I turned on the game and realized that what I had been hearing was true. I can't believe it.....I love your Coach Leach and this sounds like the spoiled brat syndrome. How can they do this to him. Its ridiculous, I hope this all gets worked out. and as you say "guns up" Lauri@chippys

The Renaissance Chick said...

Lauri: Our good old boys administrators don't need no damn Cal-eye-four-nia intellectual questioning them! I hope Leach takes those gold old boys to the bank! Hope he gets the James spoiled brat boys too!


trash talk said...

I got a feeling "guns up" is gonna take on a whole new meaning. Have you got the tortillas loaded yet or do I need to make a run to El Fenix for you?