Sunday, November 15, 2009

Where Has She Been?

You weren't expecting a
Pop Test today,
were you?
Well, it is Monday!
However, since teacher
has been negligent in preparing you,
I will give you an easy test today!

Read the question carefully
and select the best answer.

Question: Where has Malisa been?

A. I haven't noticed she was gone.

B. She was with Waldo!

C. She isn't coming back, is she?

D. She left town!

E. She fell in love with someone new!

F. None of the above.

G. All of the above.

Yes, class...
the correct answer is G!

It is true!

I was gone...even if you didn't notice!
I was with Waldo...well, Waldo's brother, Lurch.
Yes, I am afraid that I am coming back!
I did leave town and traveled to West Texas.
I am in total love with a new person in my life...
here is his photo!

Meet my new love...
Cash was born last Friday.
He weighed 6 pounds and 15 ounces
and was 20 inches long.
His hair is super blonde
and he is gorgeous!

Sorry I have ignored you...
but look at this face!


trash talk said...

Girl, I just had to come back and look at that pretty baby just one more time or in the words of Britney..."Hit me baby, one more time"!

Teresa said...

Precious Baby Lovin'!