Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Renaissance Chick Is Lit...

I was feeling
like an underachiever
this weekend.
Every blog features
beautiful Christmas decorations
going up in homes.
So I thought I better
get busy and catch up.
Thought I would share 
my Christmas decorations.

We found the perfect
Christmas tree for our family room!

Lurch and I had to try
to out Dew each other,
but we finally got this tree
up in our kitchen!

I couldn't believe that this tree
was still on the tree lot!
Did we get lucky or what?
This tree greets the guests
in our foyer!

After a full day of decorating,
it didn't take Lurch and me
long to build this tree
in our bar!

Okay, maybe Lurch got carried
away with the lights
on this tree on our front porch,
but after that bar tree...
need I say more?

Okay, I will admit it...
Lurch and I had our annual
Christmas tree decorating fight
after he fell off the ladder twice...
remember the bar tree?
So now this is my favorite tree!

Whew! I am feeling a little better now!


trash talk said...

I now know where the expression "lit up like a Christmas tree" comes from. With the windows left bare, I'm sure your neighbors are just as proud as champagne punch to have you next door. And just exactly why did you have to use a ladder...from the looks of things I'd say y'all were flying high!

Lou Cinda said...


Lou Cinda :)