Sunday, May 24, 2009

Welcome to The Loser's Lounge!

In case you've been
missing me lately...

I've been hanging out here!
It's my new home away from home.
I hang out with other losers
and talk about all the things we've lost!
May I share just a few 
of my current losses?

My boy, Adam, was the best singer,
but lost American Idol.
He should have won.

My girl, Allison, is a vision of beauty,
but she lost America's Next Top Model.
She should have won.

My gal pal, Salome, won the majority of photo shoots
in the modeling contest,
but lost Make Me A Super Model.
She should have won.

So, I have been feeling a little bit unlucky lately!
Feeling sorry for myself.
Thinking how no one 
has worse luck than me.
Until I saw this guy...

They won't even let him
past the velvet ropes
at The Loser's Lounge!


Cher said...

Yes, that last guy isn't keeping his member private so he should be kicked out of the club...and that's quite the club he has!

You are right. Adam should have won. This will probably be another case of the second place winner makes more money that the first place winner!

The Texas Woman

Vodka Mom said...


Woman in a Window said...

Youch! That thing is inflamed. I think there's a cream for that.

Whispering Pine Cottage said...

Adam was certainly the best singer and performer, but America always loves the underdog!

Sue said...

Thanks for making me laugh, love that weather guy! I kind of think Adam lost because he was gay, and there are still a lot of people in America that have problems with the gay/straight thing. I liked Kris really well too. I think Adam will do just fine.

trash talk said...

A fella can dream, can't he?


LOL you are too too funny, I love it!
you caught me off guard with the last one and I sure needed that laugh.
I agree with you about Salome losing the next top model, she was so gorgeous. Keep making us laugh, your humor is great!