Sunday, April 26, 2009

Guest Blogger...Imogene Is Coming Soon!

I tried to stop her.  Honestly, I did!  However, she won't leave me alone. She is very persistent and tends to get on my nerves until I just give her what she wants.  Talk about nagging! She is like the damn Energizer Bunny...she just goes on and on and on...until she gets her way!  I hope you will forgive me.  Please be kind to her.  She is just an old lady with opinions.  Oh, baby, she has lots of opinions!  

So with all that said, I am going to give her a try.  Yes, I am allowing Imogene to be a guest blogger.  What?  You don't know Imogene?  Imogene is pictured above. She is the blonde chick on the left.  I wouldn't have even recognized her if she hadn't been in the picture with her best friend, Ethyl.  I have NEVER seen the woman smile. When I asked Imogene about this picture, she told me the following: 

"Ethyl drug me down to the damn Woolworths because Olan Mills was in town and you can't convince me that she didn't have the hots for that greasy little photographer. That shrimpy little tease behind the camera kept squeaking a rubber duck in my face until he forced me to throw one of those rubber balls at him. It hit him square in the head, and I'll be damn if he didn't snap the picture as I was laughing at his pathetic ass.  Ethyl loves this picture.  She even put it in the Baptist church directory! Nobody knows me from Adam!"

Sorry, blogging buddies! Surely you can put up with her one day a week.  You MUST remember that Imogene is totally out of control and is totally politically incorrect!  She really can't help it though. She doesn't get out much.  You see, Imogene lives deep down inside of me and only gets to run around town when she and Ethyl are performing on stage!  But I do have to warn you that once Imogene comes out, I have NO CONTROL...absolutely NO CONTROL!  Imogene says what she wants to say and says it how she wants to say it!  She is a small town, chicken-fried, Texas woman who is not going to be told what to do!

You have been warned.  I hope you love Imogene.  She grows on you! 

By the way, when Imogene is blogging, I request that readers don't copy any of her words because Imogene is an original...and because she will come slap the snot of you if you do!


trash talk said...

I think I've seen that lady lately at the Piggly Wiggly? Isn't she the one who keeps climbing onto the produce scale because she is too cheap to go to the Dr.?
I will be awaiting her first post with an open mind and a open bar. Be careful that my alter-ego doesn't come out to play with her though! Being from Texas, we all got an Imogene in us!
I hate to be the one to tell you this, though. She might as well get ready to rumble...words are not safe, no indeedy! Nothing is sacred here in blogland. Your words, your thoughts, your talents, it's all fair game. Haven't you noticed.
BTW, when she threw that rubber wasn't attached to anything was it?

lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

At least Imogene doesn't raid your liquor cabinet before she blogs. Patsy is JUST the worst guest blogger. She never replaces any bourbon she drinks. But she is quite funny..sometimes. can't wait...xo lulu

Sue Jackson said...

Rock on Imogene!

trash talk said...

Either you or Imogene get on over and pick up an award I have for you. Just remember to wipe your feet before entering!

Woman in a Window said...

I'm pretty sure I've seen Imogene peek out of you every once in a while. Just sayin...