Tuesday, April 28, 2009

An Award for Imogene (and Malisa)!

Debbie from Talking Trash
honored The Renaissance Chick with
the Kreativ Blogger Award.
Unfortunately, she awarded it to
Malisa AND Imogene!
You know what that means, don't you?
Let me just say a BIG THANKS
to Debbie at Talking Trash
as I have to hand the laptop
over to Imogene before she rips it from my fingers!
It is all yours, Imogene!

Hi, Debbie!  It's me...Imogene!  I truly want to thank you from the bottom of my girdle for giving me this award!  However, it is a tough assignment to think of seven thangs that I love!  It would have been much better if it had been seven thangs I hate. But rules are rules and you know that I am not a rule breaker! No, mam, my Mama raised me better than that!  So here goes...

Seven Things Imogene Loves

1.  I love the backseat of cars! That is where all my children were conceived! Of course, I was much younger and much more limber then.

2.  I love chicken fried anything! That golden crust just makes everything taste better.  I chicken fry everything I cook.  Steak, chicken, Snickers, Oreos…just about everything except Jello.  I tried chicken frying Jello once, but I ended up with one hell of a green mess!

3.  I love polyester double knit!  Double knit just makes my world go round! What else would a woman of style need in her closet?  You can roll around and sweat in the backseat of a car and never even get wrinkled.  Of course, that is because your double knit pantsuit is folded neatly in the front seat! 

4.  I love revivals!  I especially like those week long revivals.  It gives me something to do except sit home and watch reruns of Gunsmoke.  I love it when my best friend, Ethyl, gets the holy ghost in her!  I sit behind her and just watch her big rear bounce as she jumps up and down! I laugh, laugh, laugh and people just think I’m receiving the spirit too! I could do that for hours! I swear Ethyl’s rear looks like two sows in a tow sack!

5.  I love my prayer circle.  My prayer group dishes up more gossip than you get served at  the beauty shop! However, we do it for good reasons.  If we don’t talk about a person and their sins, how do we know what we are praying for? Let’s take Bernice for example. Bernice was recently caught by her neighbor as she was helping the Schwann’s man lighten his load and I’m not talking about his truck, if you know what I mean.  How could we pray without reviewing Bernice’s past discretions with the postman, the exterminator and the Bible salesman? Would you like for us to pray for you?

6.  I love Vacation Bible School!  Oh, no, I don’t work there.  Nope, I don’t even volunteer to make the Kool-Aid.  I just love Vacation Bible School because all the loud, little, crumb snatchers are over at the Baptist church eating those cheap, little windmill cookies and are not in my neighborhood bothering me.  I can sunbathe naked in peace.

7.  I love garage sales.  I never buy anything at the sales, but garage sales are the perfect opportunity to snoop in people’s private lives!  If I spot a stack of old Playboys for sale, I can really get under the wife’s skin by one simple comment, “Looks like somebody’s husband is having to go elsewhere!” If there are old clothes for sell, this comment gets ’em every time, “My gosh, I knew you had put on a little weight, but had no idea you were up to this size! I think I will buy this for Ethyl”. And if I see decorative liquor bottles for sale, I love to say, “Looks like somebody has a little drinking problem!  The prayer circle will be praying for you this week!” Garage sales are fun, fun, fun!

I don’t really think it is fair that I have to share this award, but Debbie from Talking Trash said I did and if I don't, everyone at the prayer circle will be talking about me. So here are seven bloggers who make Malisa smile or teach her something and the Good Lord knows those ain’t easy thangs to do! Most of these people just know Malisa and probably don’t even know me, but they better learn who I am because I am here to stay. 

Imogene's Lucky Seven (No, I have never shot craps!):  

Sue at Just Practicing Random Acts of Kindness---Sue is a real nice woman with a real nice blog. Personally, I have never figured out why she would hang around with Malisa. Lie down with dogs...get up with fleas, Sue!

Teresa at Cherry Checkers---Teresa is a sweetie pie who has a knack for sewing and gardening. Those are two thangs Malisa could definitely use help with!  Lord knows that Malisa needs the seams let out of her clothes on a regular basis!

Itkupilli at iTkUpiLLi---I have just one question.  What the hell does this say? Leave it to Malisa to be reading in tongues! Oh, I know who this blogger is...this is the blogger who created the background and header for The Renaissance Chick.  Personally, I don't see any reason to show all your private parts, but whatever floats your boat!

Sallymandy at The Blue Kimono---Is this a blog about lizards? And why does the lizard have a blue kimono on?  Well, whatever.  All I know is that Malisa likes this blog.  She says that Sallymandy is cool and has a very interesting blog. Guess you better check it out for yourself! 

Hutchins at Mommy With A Penis---Yes, you heard what I said. This is a Mommy With a Penis! Personally, I don't think Hutchins is his real name, but I can understand his need for privacy. Bless his heart, he is a mommy and has a penis...that is just too much to deal with. Makes me want to drink.

Suzie at First Floor Flat---Suzie is just smart as a whip on the computer.  Malisa is pretty much rides the short bus when it comes to computers.  I hope Malisa reads the blog alot. Maybe she will learn something, bless her heart!

Jody at Tumbleweed Trails---As I understand it, Jody is pretty new to this bloggin' stuff. Anyway, she must not be "all there" because she named her blog after those big old round weeds that blow up under my Ford Falcon and make that awful noise as I drag 'em down the highway! Looks like she could have named her blog after something purty, doesn't it?

Another big thanks to Debbie at Talking Trash! You are the first blogger who has recognized me, Imogene! I know we are going to be great friends! If any of you bloggers who received this award don't know me, Imogene, you need to check The Renaissance Chick's post yesterday! Now it is your time to give this award...and follow the rules...or I will come after you like a bat out of hell!

The Rules:
1. List 7 things that you LOVE
2. Link to the person who has tagged you
3. Choose 7 more bloggers to give the Kreativ Blogger Award to
4. Comment on those 7 blogs to let the recipients know you chose them

Ya'll be watching out for me...
I'll be back!



Cher said...

At one time I thought Karen was imaginary...

The Texas Woman

The Renaissance Chick said...

She kind of is...


Sue Jackson said...

I think I like Imogene, especially if she bosses you around!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

Ha! Imogene is quite feisty! Congrats to you both! ~Mindy

Woman in a Window said...

Imogene, you're one helluva a firecracker. (Remind me to not invite you to my garage sale!)

trash talk said...

Imogene, you remind me of an old mare we used to have...fiesty, full of spirit. She'd kick you when you weren't looking and run off all the fillys from the stud horse...sad we had to put her down, too.

trash talk said...

OH, did I say too? I meant too soon....yeah, that's what I meant.

Susie Jefferson said...

I love this! Outrageous AND funny - my kind of people! And I am totally stunned sideways to get an award... and to be in the same post for the same award with Iktupilli... I'VE ARRIVED! Well, arrived somewhere!

Love your blog background & header - a very wise investment, definitely. And I will be putting your badge ALL OVER my blog - nothing exceeds like excess! I'm making a new one, yours is so nice it puts mine to shame.

*iTkUpiLLi* said...

Thank you so much, I'm so honored to be in this fantastic group. :D

Teresa said...

OMG You are always cracking me up! And you think "I" am creative? Shucks, I really do feel special now. And not short bus special, either.

And congrats on receiving this award! You, er, yall are some kinda creative, for sure.

sallymandy said...

Thanks Malisa and Imogene! Shucks, you shouldn't have. No, Imogene, there's no lizar in a kimono, it's just that Malisa asked such a cute question once that...oh, you should just read the whole story on my blog. I accept this award with the utmost humility and promise to answer all these questions soon!

The Lizard in a Blue Kimono