Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why A Renaissance Chick...Part 1

Do you ever feel like you were
meant for another time in history?

A time where you would be
treasured for having the real
shape of a woman?
A time when natural breasts
and rounded tummies
were beautiful?
A time when the round shape
of a woman's backside
was a sign of beauty?

I've always said
that I would have been a sex symbol
in the Renaissance years.
What happened that made women
ashamed of their soft curves
and alter their natural shape?


Sue Jackson said...

So, I think this new blog of yours will be an interesting one to follow! Great photos with great words!


trash talk said...

I would kill for a butt like that or any kind of butt for that matter! C.D. had to buy me one from Frederick's of Hollywood. I like the way this is going.

Woman in a Window said...

Clapping maddly. I remember in grade nine or ten sitting in English class and Robbie Brown was behind me. He whispered in my ear, Hey Erin, if this were the Renaissance you'd be hot. heheh. Ya, only if...

I should have smacked him, but he had the longest eye lashes ever.

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I have enough curves to fit in at any Renaissance party! Good stuff. I like where you are going here. ~Mindy

Claudie said...

You know Malisa I gotta tell you something. My husband has been telling me since I started blogging to find something interesting to blog about. Something that you are passionate about. I think you found it, and I applaud you for speaking the truth about what is going on. I'm not passionate about my blog and I will one day soon find something interesting to talk about. I'm always leaning towards animals, but there are soooo many passionate fur baby lovers out there I'm not sure I can do it justice.
What I'm trying to say is this: My husband always loved me with curves and bigger that I hit that magic 53, everything shrunk and kind of looks funny. I feel great and I also think I look better than I did years ago.
So there girlfriend, an ear full for today.
I really have to do my Foto Friday rounds.
Love Claudie

Teresa said...

HOOO RAH !! Say it out loud sista. Standing ovations from Georgia!

Anonymous said...

thank you beautiful blog..I feel so much better!