Saturday, March 28, 2009

Busy As A Bee!

I am busy as a bee...
but maybe not as busy... these bees!
I didn't know
it was going to be so hard
being a nurse on top of everything else!

So I am taking a few days off to catch up...

Going to Round Top/Warrenton..

Treasure Hunt prizes go in mail...
Be back in a few days!


Woman in a Window said...

Are those bees fighten'?

Cher said...

C.A.N. N.O.T. W.A.I.T U.N.T.I.L. T.O.M.O.R.R.O.W!

T.H.E. T.E.X.A.S. W.O.M.A.N.

Sue Jackson said...

I want to go TOO!!! Love the kitty photo. My kids when they were little use to dress up one of our cats in the Cabbage Patch doll clothes.

claudie said...

Have a good little bread Ms. Renaissance Chick.
I'll be looking for ya.
Love Claudie

Arjaanneli said...

Well... I am a nurse, but I am not so hairy as " she" is... perhaps... hope so..whatever!
And Iam very jelous because what the first bee get from the second bee... (sorry my bad english).
Nice pictures again!