Monday, September 14, 2009

A Girl And Her Puppy...A Love Story Gone Wrong!

My granddaughter, Madisyn,
recently received the puppy of her dreams!
The puppy had been a promise made
to her by her Mommy and Daddy
for a reward for being such a good,
loving, and helpful big sister to her
little brother since he was born.
Believe me, Madisyn deserved this
puppy as she has another baby brother
on the way soon!
Isn't this the cutest puppy 
you have ever seen?

Everyone who saw him
fell in love with him!

They named this puppy Baggy
after Jeff  Baggwell
because they are huge Astro fans!

Daddy wouldn't let Baggy
stay at home by himself
when Madisyn was at school!
Baggy got to go to work with Daddy!

With Baggy by her side,
Madisyn learned to sleep in her own bed!
Madisyn and Baggy were inseparable!

But one morning when Madisyn woke up,
Baggy was very very sick.
Even though Baggy had had all his shots
and had just visited the vet the week before,
they rushed him back to the vet.
Several hours later, Baggy was dead!
Madisyn was heart-broken!

Madisyn and Daddy planned a
memorial service for Baggy.
All guests would write messages
for Baggy on balloons which 
would be released to the sky!

Madisyn leans on her Daddy
for comfort as she grieves.
Daddy is smiling because he
is worn out from crying!

Good bye, Baggy!
We love you!


Sue said...

When you first told me this story it broke my heart as it does now. She is such a sweet little girl. Life just isn't fair sometimes, you know?

sallymandy said...

Oh, waaah. I'm too sad. Poor Madisyn. I hope she gets another puppy, though they can't replace each other.

Anonymous said...

This just breaks my heart. What a sweet face...both of 'em. She's way too young to be this sad so soon.
(Blogger is giving me fits this morning too and won't let me sign in now!)

Terri Kahrs said...

Tears are streaming down my face and my heart aches for sweet Madisyn's loss. Sometimes you have to wonder why God gives you a heart because it hurts so much when it breaks. Baggy is in a special place in Doggie Heaven, and I loved sharing his memorial service. xoxoxo

Kim said...

Oh, that's just so sad! I love that you did the balloons as a goodbye. What a wonderful way to celebrate Baggy in a good way instead of only remembering the sadness. I hope she gets a new puppy soon!

Woman in a Window said...

Friggen! Seriously? Ugh.
So sorry for Madison and dad.

Linda said...

Ohhhhhhh noooooo!!!!!! I'm so sorry.