Monday, October 5, 2009

Just Me And My Hero...

It was unbelievably bright. The autumn moon was as full as the belly of the deer feeding from the lowest branches. Stars were on full duty…twinkling on demand and flashing her orbs of stellar proportions. 

The highway was lonesome…as always.  Driving for an hour upon hour without meeting oncoming headlights was not unusual.  Driving without headlights was a local art.  Roll down the windows, turn off the lights and roll through the totally quiet night…just you, your car and the dessert mountains bathed in blue moonlight.

This particular night, My Hero and I were alone on the road which resembled a white satin ribbon running through the mountains of blue velvet. Just the two of us slipping down that ribbon road in the moonlight.  

Headlights coming up fast behind us ended our solitude.  

With lights back on, we continue our peaceful path on our joy ride through the night. We rejoice as the fast approaching car begins to pass us. Soon we will be alone on our road again. 

As the car pulls beside us, the car slows down to travel beside us. Two males from the other vehicle wave in that country, down home, familiar way. One of the passengers pantomimes a request for us to roll down our window. They probably need instructions as many tourists do. No one wants to get lost on these deserted roads.

As soon as our window comes down, a hand emerges from the passenger window of the car beside us.  In the hand is a revolver pointed right at us with a less than friendly request to pull over. 

Without ever taking his foot off the gas, My Hero thrilled me as he automatically, effortlessly pulled out his intimidating .44 Caliber Magnum and pointed it directly at the opposing revolver which suddenly looked like the dainty handgun of a woman. My Hero said “Fuck off” in that country, down home, familiar way as he kept driving at a steady, consistent speed.

The offending car sped off into the darkness with both men turning to check that we were not following.

We turned off the headlights, breathed in the mountain air and continued our pilgrimage on that white ribbon through the blue moonlight...  

just me and My Hero.


Sue said...

I totally love these new posts of yours. Your stories keep me coming back again and again. Keep up the good work, okay? Otherwise I'm going to have to have a conversation with Larry!

The Texas Woman said...

Don't ya love a man with the means and ability to protect his own?!!

Another good story!