Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This Just On The News Stand!

I Won This Fantastic
Work of Art!
I still can't believe it! I feel so honored to have won this original artwork by KC Willis of Lipstick Ranch! How generous of her to even offer us bloggers a chance to win such a fantabulous prize! I can't say thank you enough to KC!

Did I mention that the first of KC's "The Women-The Flag" is displayed in the Cowgirl Museum in Fort Worth? In this piece of art, there are 50 women in place of the stars! How wonderful is that?

I know I have written about KC's Collage Camp before, but let me tell you is fantastic! It is an online creative experience! If you want more information on Collage Camp, just click on the badge on my blog.

And now KC is offering Collage Camp II, Mixed Media Mania! I am so excited to go to camp! Got my pillow, my camera and my insect repellent and I'm ready to go! What? It's not that kind of camp? Oh, it's online! That's even better. That means we can escape the summer heat by hanging out under the air-conditioner while in camp! You can check out Mixed Media Mania by clicking on the button on my blog too!

Come on, join us! We are a creative group of Happy Campers!

And let me say one more time...THANK YOU, KC! I am honored and humbled.


Her Art Nest said...

Congratulations on winning this fabulous piece of art! It is really a treasure, I agree. Just wanted to let you know I was the $300 Shopping Spree winner. Talk about that feeling disbelief. I have never won such a big prize, and I was so honored too. I, of course, signed up for MORE classes, so hopefully I will see and talk to you during camp. Way to go, pardner! ~Nan

trash talk said...

And just think girl, you don't even have to worry about what to wear or pack. You can attend nekkid!
It is a fabulous piece...btw, Gloria loved your art work. We have hung it on tree brances in my space!

trash talk said...

That's BRANCHES! oops

Sue said...

That is pretty damn awesome to be a "winner"!! I'm glad you are enjoying your classes, gets the creative side out of Malaysia!


Ann said...

lucky,lucky you!! congratulations!! when i can afford to,i am going to camp also!! i've seen so many fabulous works of art that campers have made!!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

How dadgummed cool is that? Congrats, sister friend! ~Mindy

Teresa said...

Super cool! I wish I could join in. Like I don't have enough to do. I went to the link on your sidebar, and I see some great ideas. All of the denim jackets are so awsome.

Hope that sunburn is all better. Have fun with Tango & Madi!

Robin said...

Oh how fun....
and Congratulations!
Hope you and yours are having a beautiful weekend.

Woman in a Window said...

Very cool, original art! You're a lucky lady.

Junkin' Yaya said...

Congrats girlfriend!!! I LOVE KC and her work....glad to hear you are having fun at camp. :)

Haven't heard from you gals in ahwile...would love to see at the yaya again soon!