Thursday, June 4, 2009

Show and Tell!

After the feast...
comes the reckoning.

After the creating...
comes the display.

This is the last collage I have completed 
in Collage Camp. It features a Paper Moon
photo from my collection along with a vintage
flash card and silver spoon.

This collage is titled Welcome to Rodeo Drive
and features cowboys, leather, turquoise
and rhinestones! After all, it is
Rodeo Drive!

This precious photo of three brothers on potties
inspired me to create Not House Broken.
Check out the brother in the middle!

This was the first collage in did in Collage Camp.
This collage features a wonderful vintage photo strip,
a leather collar, dog tags and a rawhide treat!

Hope you enjoyed...
now I have to get back to work!
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sallymandy said...

These are so creative and I love the color combinations you chose. Collage Camp sounds like a blast. Thanks, xo

Shar said...

Fab collages! Love the sense of humor you integrate into your work.

Terri Kahrs said...

Love your "show & tell" artwork and your sense of humor! Beautiful pieces - Congrats!

Her Art Nest said...

Love your collages from Collage Camp!! And the colors are lovely. Thanks for sharing. ~Nan

Sue said...

I love 'em all! Glad you are having fun doing these!!


Teresa said...

Those are fabulous. The moon & stars is my fav. A perfect way to use those great photos you have. I Love it.

Cher said...

Love 'em. (Oops, I typed 'love 'me' first. Probably truer, though!) But loved the cowboy one bestest, of course!

The Texas Woman

Ann said...

these are absolutely wonderful. I love them all!!! The little boys on the pots is just too cute.Looks like you had a great time at collage camp.These are just beautifully done.

Woman in a Window said...

Very pretty creations. You've busy fingers. You like touching things, don't you? Tactile bird you are. I like you. Keep enjoying what feeds you but hey, don't eat those buttons!

lulu Redstar & Lauri Evans said...

I love these! So much fun! Aren't you the bees knees? ox lulu

Robin said...

Your collages are fabulous.
Thanks for sharing them with us.